The City of Iowa City’s Public Art Program is seeking artists, architects or other creative types interested in designing a permanent wall installation at City Hall, 410 E. Washington St. This space is approximately 16’X10’ and is located in the lobby, on the south wall next to the stairwell. This location is visible and used by many visiting City Hall or the Police Station. 

Read the Request for Qualification information below, before using the online form found at the bottom of this page to apply. 

Project information 


The lobby was recently remodeled and now features clean, warm white finishes that include white terrazzo floor, brushed aluminum hand rails and signage, as well as a contemporary PH Lamp by Poul Henningsen that hangs in the stairwell. Maple paneling and white corian also accent the lobby. This space is accessible 24/7 as it is also the entrance to the Police Station.   


The goal of this project is to design and install an eye catching, creative art installation that may reflect some connection with the Iowa City community, including but not limited to, physical features, the diverse demographic of visitors to City Hall, educational excellence, cultural amenities, etc.


The wall itself is concave as it wraps around the curved stairwell. Rather than ignore, it is preferred that the artwork highlight this architecture detail utilizing as much of the available space as possible, but keeping in mind the high traffic volume using the stairwell and the continual access to the lobby to the public. There may also be the opportunity to carry the concept of the final art piece into other locations within City Hall.


The medium utilized by the artist is flexible. The wall itself is constructed with concrete block covering sheetrock, so it is structurally sound for most installations. Selected finalist must work with staff to ensure safety and security of the work and the public.


The total budget for the completed and installed artwork is $9,000, and is funded through the Iowa City Public Art Program.

Projected project timeline

  • Friday, September 28, 2018: Response deadline

  • Friday, October 5, 2018:  Notification to finalists

  • Thursday, December 6, 2018: Presentation of design to Public Art Advisory Committee

  • Friday, December 7, 2018:  Notification of selected artist

  • Thursday, February 7, 2019: Final design review by Public Art Advisory Committee

  • Friday, February 14, 2019: Execution of project agreement

  • Friday, June 28, 2019: Project completion 

Applicant information 


Successful applicants must demonstrate vision, past experience and professional qualifications required to design and create the work, and willingness to work collaboratively with staff and other professionals to finalize the design. Team applications should demonstrate the qualifications of its individual team members, as well as each member’s qualifications to work together. This RFQ is open to artists, artist teams, engineers, architects, student teams or others with priority given to those who live in the state of Iowa.


The Public Art Advisory Committee will review applications and interview applicants at their meeting at 3:30 p.m. on Thursday, October 4, 2018. Up to four finalists will be selected. A stipend of $250 will be awarded to finalists to develop a more specific proposal. 


Fill out the online application below, be sure to include the following required elements:

  • Statement of Interest 
  • Resume outlining professional accomplishment, no longer than two-pages 
  • Three professional references
    • Include name, relationship to applicant, email address and phone number 
    • For team applications, include resumes and three professional references for each member 
  • Six to eight images of past works 
    • Include a project title, location, date completed, media, dimensions, budget, commissioning agency, project partners and/or a brief description of the project/conceptual information
    • Submit samples by uploading them in the online application or by including a link.
    • Samples will also be accepted via email, flash drive or CD

The deadline to apply is 5 p.m. CST,  Friday, September 28, 2018 

Incomplete and late applications may be deemed ineligible at the sole discretion of the City of Iowa City Public Art Advisory Commission.


Contact Iowa City Public Art Program Coordinator Marcia Bollinger at 319-356-5237 or  Additional information will also be posted to

Include name, phone number and email address. If working in a team, identify the primary contact and include each member's contact information.
Upload a no larger than two-page resume. If working in a team, each member must include a resume.
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Allowed file types: pdf doc docx.
Upload a document that names three professional references, include name, relationships, email and phone number. If working in a team, each member must include references.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf doc docx.
Share six to eight images of past work and identify the images with a project title, location, date completed, media, dimensions, budget, commissioning agency, project partners, and/or a brief description of the project/conceptual information. You can share a link, upload images below, or use the text box to explain how you are submitting your samples and where we can find them.
Upload images of samples or documents that include images and the required information explained above.
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