Complaint of Discrimination Form

The staff of the Human Rights Office investigate complaints, coordinate mediation, conduct conciliation, and enforce the provisions of the Iowa City Human Rights Ordinance contained in Title II of the City Code (and, by extension, the provisions of state and federal-level anti-discrimination laws).

The form below is for complaints in the areas of credit, employment, education, or public accommodation.

Complaints of Discrimination must be filed within 300 days after the most recent discriminatory event.

Upon the filing of a verified complaint, the Human Rights Office will serve notice on the respondent. Notice shall include both a copy of the complaint and a statement of the respondent's procedural rights and obligations under the law or ordinance. Service shall be effected by certified mail within twenty (20) days of filing for complaints in the areas of employment, public accommodation, credit or education, and within seven (7) days of filing for complaints alleging discrimination in the area of housing. (Ord. 15-4650, 12-15-2015). If applicable, verified complaints are cross-filed with the Iowa Civil Rights Commission.

Call 319-356-5022 or 319-356-5015 to speak with a Human Rights staff person if you have any questions. 

Do you believe you have been discriminated against because of:
If claiming discrimination, identify who discriminated against you below.
If claiming harassment, identify who harassed you below.
Fill in the particulars of your complaint above. Be sure to state why you feel you were discriminated against. If you identified a person(s) above, be sure to state what that person(s) did to discriminate against or harass you.
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