Wednesday, August 9, 2017 - 2:00pm
SSRO Presents: Gavel to Gavel

Television has made us more aware of the drama that plays itself out in our courtrooms every day. Attorneys are the brunt of many jokes, though it's been said there are only two "lawyer jokes" and the rest are real. Join us as we explore our justice system from "Gavel to Gavel," taking a look at the humorous side of justice, including actual court transcripts, a skit of a reality court judge, and a spoof of "12 Angry Men." Not only the lawyers, but also the judges, bailiffs, court reporters, defendants, and juries will have their day in our court. A reception will follow the performance.


Fee: none. No registration.

Open to All Ages





Iowa City Senior Center
28 S Linn St
Iowa City, IA

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