The Prentiss Street Bridge Replacement Project includes the replacement of the existing Prentiss Street Bridge. Roadway improvements on Prentiss Street begin approximately 100 feet east of South Linn Street and extend to South Dubuque Street. Improvements on South Linn Street extend 200 feet north of Prentiss Street.  Storm sewer on Prentiss Street is being replaced to increase capacity and reduce surcharging during large rainfall events.  The project also includes improvements to ADA sidewalk ramps, public utilities and water main.

Project Schedule Information: 

Working Days:  105
Late Start Date:  June 1, 2020
Liquidated Damages:  $1,000 per day

Obtain from: 

The project will be bid through the Iowa Department of Transportation -
Bidding instructions can be found at

Bid date has tentatively been rescheduled to the March 17, 2020 letting.




Pre-bid Conference: 


Project Status