Community Outreach

Community Outreach Assistant

This is a non-uniformed employee position who serves as the Community Outreach Assistant for the Iowa City Police Department. They meet with community organizations and groups to help the ICPD build relationships with residents and connect them to other community resources. A strong commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts is required for this daily work, and honesty and transparency are critical pillars for improving police + public relationships.

The role of the Community Outreach Assistant is to help all community members understand the responsibilities of the police department and what services it offers, with a special emphasis on those groups who typically do not have a strong or comfortable relationship with the police.

Community Engagement 

Various outreach and engagement sessions have been held with adult immigrants, English-language learners, students, and seniors.

Upon request, Community Outreach staff can visit and conduct informative presentations and/or public input sessions at schools, churches, non-profit organizations, and other community groups. To schedule a meeting or public outreach session, contact the Community Outreach Assistant at 319-356-5274 or email

Community Resources

A guide to community resources can be found here.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning (LGBTQ) Community Liaisons

There are several police officers assigned as liaisons to the LGBTQ community. The liaisons focus on the following goals:

  • Foster positive relations between the LGBTQ community and the ICPD by providing a liaison for community members who may be crime victims or have information or issues of concern that the ICPD could assist with.
  • Assist in productive dialogue with investigative units concerning LGBTQ-related crimes.
  • Work in partnership with other city agencies, other law enforcement entities and community-based organizations, education and involvement in other LGBTQ-related issues.
  • Maintain an interactive role in recruit-based and in-service police training regarding the LGBTQ community.

To contact us with questions about the program or to connect with a liaison, call 319-356-5275 or email

Victim Services 

Meet Ann Thompson, Victim Services Coordinator

Ann Thompson is a non-uniformed employee who serves as the Victim Services Coordinator for the Iowa City Police Department. Thompson validates and meets victims where they are at, building trust and empowering victims of crime to move forward by providing support, resources, and excellence in service. Thompson's focus is aimed at educating community members, including immigrants, refugees, LGBTQIA members, and underserved populations on victim’s rights, and connecting them to agencies that support all cultures, along with the criminal justice system, to help bridge gaps in service.     

The Victim Services Coordinator focuses on building connections and partnerships with the community and providing services to all victims of crime. Being a liaison between the Iowa City Police Department and victims, the coordinator provides follow up calls and crisis intervention to those impacted by trauma from crimes committed against them.

To contact the Victim Services Coordinator, call 319-356-5077 or email    

Watch this episode of Community Connection during which Thompson discusses her role as Victim Service Coordinate with Mayor Bruce Teague.

Victims of sexual assault

Anyone who has experienced a sexual assault can go to a hospital for a free medical exam. This exam and any information collected is confidential and is not billed to your insurance company.  It is also a person’s choice to report to law enforcement. Making a report does not mean that you must pursue charges. This decision is completely yours to make. If there are questions about the exam or anything pertaining to the process, contact Katy Rasmussen, JCSART/SANE coordinator with the University of Iowa Hospital, at 319-335-6314., or email

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