Start or Stop Service 

The City of Iowa City provides residents with water and sewer services as well as curbside garbage, yard waste and recycling for residents living in housing of four units or fewer.   

To start or stop these services, sign-up online or with the Revenue Division located at City Hall, 410 E. Washington Street. The Revenue Division collects utility payments and parking fines, and also sells yard waste stickers and bus passes. 

Pay Utility Bills 

People can pay utility bills online, by phone or in-person. 

  • To pay online, visit the City's online bill pay service. Enter the account number and customer ID number to pay. Watch the video for more specific online bill pay instructions. 
  • To pay by phone, call 319-356-5066. This number will put you in line for the next available customer service representative who can take your payment or answer a billing or general utility question. 

  • To pay in person, stop by City Hall at 410 E. Washington Street, Iowa City and pay in the Revenue Division. 

Automatic Bill Pay 

Sign up for SurePay and pay your City utility bill with direct automatic payments from your financial institution. Payments won't be late, lost or forgotten. To sign-up, fill out the online application or print and deliver the printable application. You can also call 319-356-5066. 

Utility Discount Program

Eligible Iowa City utility customers can receive a discount of 60 percent of the minimum water and sewer charges, 60 percent of the monthly storm water charge and 75 percent of the refuse and recycling charges each month.

Utility Discount Program information 





Water meters

Water meters record water usage, and sewer usage is calculated based upon that water usage. Charges for all services are billed to the account holder on a monthly basis. Payments are due 15 days after the bill date.

The City supplies water only through City meters. The property owner/agent is responsible for lost or damaged meters. If a meter requires repair or replacement, the City will perform the required work and bill the owner/agent on the next City utility billing.

No one is to set, remove or repair meters except the City or its agents. The City's agents must be allowed access during reasonable hours for service and maintenance work.

Single purpose meter

A single purpose water meter is any water meter that measures water usage which does not discharge into the City's sanitary sewer system. It is intended for uses such as swimming pool operation, outside gardening and watering of sod. No sewer charges are billed for the water consumption measured by this meter. The owner pays a meter fee and all expenses associated with the installation of this water meter. Call the Water Division at 319-356-5160 or the Revenue Division at 319-356-5066 for additional information.


Property owners are responsible for maintaining the service line/stop box to their residence from the City water main. The service line must be kept free of leaks. If the owner fails to maintain the service line, the City may discontinue service and/or make the necessary repairs. The expense for these repairs must be paid before service is resumed.


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