What bus to take

The bus route is shown on the front and side scrolls of each bus. For further information, call 319-356-5151 or consult the bus schedules and map which can be picked up at City Hall (410 E. Washington Street), the Iowa City Public Library, area hospitals, the IMU Campus Information Center and all Iowa City Transit buses.


  • Transfers are available when it is necessary to use two routes to complete your trip.
  • If you need to transfer, inform your driver when you pay your fare.
  • Transfers are free.
  • Transfers are valid only for the completion of a one-way trip and should be made with the first available connecting bus.
  • In case of any disagreement with the driver over transfers, pay the fare and call 319-356-5151 later to resolve the problem

Bus stops

  • Iowa City Transit will stop only at designated bus stops (identified by posted signs) from 6 to 9 a.m. and 3:30 to 6:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. These are peak ridership times.
  • At other times (off-peak) and on Saturday, buses will stop at any intersection along their routes.

Waiting for the bus

  • Wait by the bus stop signs or, during off-peak hours, at any intersection.
  • Be at the stop on time.
  • Be sure that the driver can see you so you are not passed by.
  • Always signal the driver to stop the bus.

Boarding the bus

  • Have exact fare or pass ready.
  • In order to ride for free, you must show your senior pass, driver's license, or other photo ID, Medicare card, or disabled pass. 
  • In the winter, always check the steps for snow or slush and hold on to handrails.
  • If you need a transfer, inform the driver when paying your fare. 

Operating the farebox

  • Drop coins into the farebox as you enter the bus and proceed to your seat.
  • If using a pass, slide it into the slot and then pull it out. Passes do not go into the dollar bill slot.

Riding the bus

  • After paying your fare, move to the rear of the bus.
  • Make front seats available for elderly, disabled or passengers with small children.
  • Remain seated until de-boarding.
  • When walking on a moving bus, hold onto the overhead rail or seatbacks.
  • No smoking or profane language while on the bus.
  • Help keep your buses clean by taking newspapers with you and keeping your feet off the seats. 
  • Give the driver ample notice as to when you want off the bus. Pull the stop request cord well in advance of your desired stop (about a half-block).

Exiting the bus

  • Give the driver ample notice that you wish to exit.
  • Use the rear exit doors.
  • Small children should exit through the front doors.
  • After you exit, do not cross the street in front of the bus. Wait until the bus leaves the stop.

For your safety

  • Certain items are prohibited on Iowa City Transit for safety reasons, including but not limited to: gasoline or flammable liquids; firearms, BB-guns or air guns; animals (except trained service animals); bicycles; open alcoholic beverages; car batteries; or any other item the driver judges to be a safety hazard.
  • Remain seated while the bus is in motion.
  • Children must be removed from strollers or carriages and either held by the guardian or placed in a seat.
  • Baby strollers, shopping carts and other items must be kept out of the aisles.
  • Small children should exit through the front door. Carry the child or hold their hand while exiting.
  • Do not place head or hands out the bus windows.
  • Do not stand next to or ahead of the driver. Federal law requires standees to stay behind the yellow line on the floor.


  • Drivers' watches are set by an atomic clock at Iowa City Transit. Drivers make every effort to operate on schedule. However, slight variations can occur, especially during inclement weather. Call 319-356-5151 for Transit time.

Lost and found

  • If you believe you have lost an article on the bus, contact the Transit Division at 319-356-5151.
  • If you find an article, give it to the driver
  • For lost articles, call 319-356-5151.

Holiday service

  • ICT will not operate on the following holidays:
  • New Year's Day; Memorial Day; Independence Day; Labor Day; Thanksgiving Day; Christmas Day.
  • ICT will operate reduced service on these holidays:
  • New Year's Eve; Martin Luther King, Jr. Day; Day after Thanksgiving; Christmas Eve
  • Look for media releases, check www.icgov.org or call ICT at 319-356-5151 for more detailed information regarding holiday schedules.

Iowa City Transit special events

Iowa City Transit provides transportation for several City of Iowa City related events throughout the year. These services are available to the general public and primarily include park tours, community and historical tours and transportation to and from City-sponsored events. Contact Iowa City Transit to inquire if special services for an event are being provided.

Preprinted schedules

Preprinted schedules and maps are available at Iowa City City Hall, the Iowa City Public Library, area hospitals, the IMU Campus Information Center and on Iowa City Transit buses.