The City of Iowa City provides several online parking services. People can pay for metered parking on their phone, check ramp space remotely and set-up/log-in to an online account to pay for permits and parking tickets.  

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Drivers in Iowa City can now use smartphones to pay for parking. ​

The City of Iowa City and University of Iowa are partnering with the service PassportParking, allowing drivers to pay for parking using smartphones, tablets or any other electronic device.

People can use the app wherever PassportParking signs are displayed, including more than 2,000 on and off-street City spaces, and more than 800 University spaces. City operated locations include all metered spots, in addition to the Chauncey Swan and Harrison Street Parking ramps. 

How it Works

1. Open the app or log-in to your account 
2. Enter the zone and space number posted in the parking area or on the meter
3. Set your time
4. Pay from your phone 
5. Extend your time remotely up to the maximum allotted time. 

People must pay for at least one hour to use PassportParking in City of Iowa owned spaces. People can also use the app to view their payment histories and receive email receipts. 

Download the app

Download the app from the Apple App Store, Android Google Play, or visit From there, create an account, select a pin number and enter your credit card information.

The PassportParking app is available for Apple and Android devices.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the app?

PassportParking is a payment system that offers customers the added ability to pay for parking through their phone. Customers can choose to download the application or to use the web-based version through a mobile browser. Simply enter the meter identification zone and number printed on a sticker or signage found on or near the meter. 

Why use the app?

Convenience. After creating an account you don’t need to be physically present at the meter either to pay or extend your parking session. You can also choose to receive reminders when your time is about to expire, receive emailed receipts, and view your transaction history. The parking meters themselves will still accept the same payment methods they did before.

How will parking and transportation staff know when someone has paid?

The parking meter itself will not display payments made through the app. PassportParking feeds information immediately to our system so that parking and transportation staff can verify in real-time if a payment has been made.

Why offer mobile payment for parking?

We see this as a win-win for the City, the University, and parking customers. This app increases convenience for drivers as well as provides our staff with real-time and historical data that can help with future planning. The app also provides staff with a new channel for communicating with drivers about special holiday hours or space closures.

Will using the app cost me extra to park?

No. There is no extra cost to app users. To provide the service, PassportParking receives a fee per transaction. The City has arranged with the vendor to pay this transaction fee rather than pass it along to our customers. We expect the total cost to be negligible and will be offset by efficiencies the new service provides.

Which parking meters will accept payment through the app?

Nearly 3,000 metered spaces between the City and University accept the app. This includes all City of Iowa City parking meters in addition to the Chauncey Swan and Harrison Street parking ramp. Look for sticker or signs identifying your space as a mobile payment meter or location.

What about first hour free? 

The free first hour promotion is only available in City of Iowa City gated parking ramps. PassportParking isn't available for use in those locations, so first hour free isn't impacted. 


Use the ParkMe App to see downtown Iowa City ramp parking availability in real time. Know which ramps are open or full before you head downtown to park.

How it Works

1. Log-in to your account 
2. View ramp availability, hours and payment options 

Download the app

Download the app form the Apple App Store or Android Google Play, or visit

Parking Portal

Use the City’s online Parking Portal to pay for parking citations and purchase parking permits. Create an account and manage your payments.