Did you know it is a violation of City Code to:

  • Park within 10 feet in approach of a stop sign or traffic control signal? 
  • Park within 10 feet of a crosswalk?
  • Park within five linear feet on either side of a fire hydrant?
  • Park in a metered space beyond the posted time limit on a meter? This applies even if there is time left on the meter.
  • Park a vehicle on the street longer than 48 hours? Vehicles must be moved at least 20 feet in distance during each 48 hour period in order to avoid a citation.
  • Park a vehicle on the roadway? This will result in a violation for “Obstructing Traffic.”
  • Park in or on the area between the street and the sidewalk? It is a violation of City Code to park a vehicle on the parking even if it is part of your property.
  • You can receive a parking ticket once every hour in a metered zone.
  • There are two types of loading zones: public and commercial. A private vehicle, without proper signage, will be ticketed for parking in a commercial loading zone.
  • Commercial vehicles need correct signage displayed on the vehicle in order to park in a commercial loading zone. For a vehicle to park in a commercial zone, it needs the following:
  1. The vehicle shall display signs of at least 72 square inches on both the left and right sides of the vehicle.
  2. The signs shall identify the name of the commercial entity in letters at least two inches (2”) in height and clearly legible from a distance of ten feet (10’).
  3. Vehicles so marked may park in commercial loading zones for a maximum of 30 minutes.
  4. The operator of the vehicle parked in the commercial loading zone must be actively loading or unloading commercial property during the 30 minute time limit.