View of the Court Street Transportation Center, looking North from Linn Street.
The Court Street Transportation Center is a multi-use, multi-modal transportation center located in downtown Iowa City. The center contains six levels of parking for 650 vehicles, an inter-city bus facility, an 8,000 square foot daycare center, bistro, covered bicycle parking and multiple pieces of public art. The center functions as a park and ride facility operated through Iowa City Transit. This facility was funded through a grant provided by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA).

Design features

The transportation center incorporates a precast skin applied to the cast in place post-tensioned concrete parking decks, utilizing a combination of thin brick and colored panels for the exterior façade. These precast panels were installed such to provide visual aesthetics and functionally to allow sufficient light and air flow into the facility. The bus facility and daycare were nested within the structure with some elements projecting out at ground level to help create a more human scale for pedestrians. The parking functions were pulled away from the sidewalk edge to contribute to the pedestrian friendly experience while also minimizing the impact of the five-story structure.

Transit service connectivity

The Court Street Transportation Center is serviced by Iowa City Transit by one outbound (#7002) and two inbound (#7003 and #7004) bus stops. These stops are serviced Monday through Friday from 5:45 a.m. to 11:20 p.m. by three daytime routes (Lakeside, Mall, Free Shuttle) and two night routes (Lakeside and Night Broadway). This results in 120 buses servicing this location daily. On Saturdays, two routes (Lakeside and Saturday Broadway) provide service to these locations between the hours of 5:45 a.m. and 7:40 p.m. Each Saturday, 40 buses service these stops. For those interested in bicycle parking, 10 bicycle lockers are available for lease at the facility.

An aerial photo illustrating the bus stops surrounding the Court Street Transportation Center.

Commercial space 

View of the Court Street Transportation Center from Court Street.
The Court Street Transportation Center houses three businesses within the commercial space of this multi-use facility. Convenient loading zones are available for drop off and pick up areas along Dubuque Street along with hourly parking availability with the First Hour Free for those parking within the facility.
  • Appletree Daycare
  • Burlington Trailways
  • Fairgrounds

Park and ride

The transportation center houses 650 parking spaces, which when coordinated with the frequent transit options, provides an efficient park and ride experience. Permits are available for this facility, which come with a 31-day bus pass for those who utilize the park and ride options.

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