Due to the Coronavirus, and in attempt to help slow the spread of the virus, City buses will not charge riders. All riders able will also be asked to enter from the back door. Please only use transit if absolutely necessary. More information can be found here. 

Bus routes and information 

View a digital display of routes for Iowa City, Coralville and University of Iowa transit services.  

Trip Planning 

Iowa City Transit is on Google Maps. Visit www.google.com/maps or download the Google Maps app for your device. Click the bus icon, enter your destination, and choose the transit trip that works best for you. Browse our Google Maps Guide for more detailed instructions. 

Bus schedules 

Browse the bus schedules available on weekdays, evenings and Saturdays. 

Fares and passes 

Learn about the pricing and different bus pass offerings from Iowa City transit. 

Court Street Transportation Center 

Learn about the amenities and services available at the Court Street Transportation Center. 

General information for riders 

Browse this section to learn about rider procedures, safety tips and holiday service schedules. 

Report a transit concern 

Let staff know about a problem, issue or concern with City of Iowa City bus services. For SEATS specific concerns contact Johnson County.