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Iowa City is committed to being a leader in sustainable community development. Sustainability Coordinator Brenda Nations helps ensure that Iowa City's public services and planning efforts are rooted in sustainable principles. 

The City of Iowa City received a 4-STAR Community Rating for sustainability excellence by being formally certified in the STAR Community Rating System, or Sustainability Tools for Assessing and Rating Communities. Learn more about Iowa City's current rating, and efforts to improve to its sustainability practices by visiting

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Community Climate Action Grant

About: The purpose of this funding is to inspire and promote public involvement in the implementation of the Iowa City Climate Action and Adaptation Plan. Community input and involvement are crucial to reduce local greenhouse emissions in order to reach community-wide carbon reduction goals. This grant program aims to enhance local climate action through work performed by community-based organizations. This year, the grant will fund projects that specifically promote or implement one or more of the 35 actions within the Plan.

Qualifications: To apply, applicant must be principally and physically located in Iowa City.

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Contact: Sustainability Services, 319-887-6161

Sustainability Initiatives and Reports  

Take action by participating in current sustainability programs and activities. Browse reports and become educated about Iowa City's current climate situation. 

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Sustainability Spotlight 

Learn more about Iowa City's sustainability superstars who are making our community a better place to live, work and play. 
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January Feature: Becky Soglin, Johnson County Sustainability Coordinator 

What does sustainability mean to you?

Sustainability involves using only your fair share — to prevent damage to living beings and the natural world — and leaving enough for the future. I really don’t want the next generations looking back at us and shaking their fists; they and the Earth deserve better. Sometimes people see sustainability as giving up things, but responding to sustainability challenges can lead to better health, financial savings, and new or more jobs.

What actions have you taken to promote sustainability?

I’ve helped make Johnson County operations more energy efficient and renewable — we’ve added 400 kilowatts of solar energy since 2014. In 2018, we hosted, along with city partners, the most successful “Solarize” program to date. Hundreds of people learned about solar, and 181 households added 1.1 megawatt of solar energy collectively. (To receive emails about future County educational events, send your email to I also push for equity in sustainability — one of the County’s grants programs helps nonprofit organizations add energy efficiencies, freeing up funds for client services.

What other efforts should we consider to advance sustainability?

Actions such as using reusable bags understandably feel doable in our busy lives. Still, I encourage each person to consider adding a greater impact practice or feature at home, work or for an organization. There are technical fixes, but I don’t think we can solely engineer our way out of the demands we make on the planet. The book Drawdown offers ideas that are ecological and social, as well.



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