Senior Center Use of Space and Room Rental Information

Who can use Senior Center space?

• Individuals.

• Businesses, Service Agencies and other Organizations.

• Candidates campaign committees as defined in Iowa Code §56.2(5).

• Political committees as defined in Iowa Code §56.2(18).

• A governmental subdivision, agency, or a department/division/bureau of a governmental subdivision or agency.

What space is available? When?

Monday - Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Classrooms, meeting rooms, and space to greet participants and share information may be reserved if available and such use does not interfere with Center programming or operations. Room use during this time is free for individuals or Non-Profits.

Monday - Friday evenings and Saturday - Sunday Rooms 202, 205, 208, 209, 211, 103, G13 and the Assembly Room are available for rent or use if available. Room 103 and G13 is only available when the event requires a hardwood floor.

Space is not available for rent or use on any holiday observed by the City of Iowa City.

How do I schedule a rental?

• All space is scheduled on a first come first served basis by the operations assistant (319-356-5221).

• All room applications must be submitted at least one week before a rental.

• All requests to use space which requires a fee must be reviewed and approved by the coordinator.

• Payment and deposit money is required to officially reserve the rental space.

Can refreshments be served?

Arrangements can be made to serve refreshments in all areas except rooms 103 and G13. When refreshments are served, the room users must bring their own utensils and supplies and leave the area in the same condition in which they found it. Additional deposit fees apply.

Is there audio/visual equipment available?

The Assembly Room and rooms 202 and 208 are equipped with a liquid crystal projector, DVD player and laptop inputs. Additional deposit fees apply.

Can I charge a fee, collect donations, or sell products or services during a rental?

Except for fundraising or sales sponsored by Friends of The Center or approved by the coordinator or designee all other fundraising activities or sales are prohibited.

Download the application for room rentals here.

Please contact Kristin Kromray, Operations Assistant,  at 319-356-5221 or for details.