About Us

The Iowa City/Johnson County Senior Center is a division within the City of Iowa City. Since 1981, The Center has been offering a full array of classes, activities, volunteer opportunities, services and special events for community members, in particular those age 50+, to stay active, curious, and connected.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Senior Center is to promote optimal aging by creating opportunities to support wellness, social connections, community engagement, and lifelong learning.


The coordinator is responsible to the city manager and the city council of Iowa City. Advisory groups are used to promote participant and community involvement in the governance of The Center, which is considered vital to The Center’s successful operation. The Senior Center has two Advisory groups, the Senior Center Commission and the Senior Center Steering Council.

Senior Center Commission

Members of the Senior Center Commission serve in an advisory role to the City Council with regard to the needs of the Senior Center and its participants. For more information click here.

Senior Center Working Committees

The working committees develop annual objectives and action plans that complement The Center’s current mission, values, and goals.
The Program Committee develops, implements, and evaluates classes and programs.
The Membership Committee enhances communication among members; increase participation in Center programs, activities, and services; and promote ownership of The Center’s programs and services among members.


Senior Center staff work with the Senior Center Commission and Senior Center Steering Council to strive towards these goals.

Goal #1: To raise community awareness and promote a positive image of the Senior Center.

Goal #2: To enhance financial stability of the Center.

Goal #3: To promote inclusion and diversity among participants.

Goal #4: To provide programs that promote optimal aging.

Goal #5: To enhance administrative planning practices.

Goal #6: To promote a positive image of aging and combat ageism.

Goal #7: To provide leadership in Iowa City becoming designated as an age-friendly community by the World Health Organization.

Additional Information

Policies and Procedures - Operational Handbook

Report to the Community - FY17 Annual Report

Conduct in the Senior Center - Code of Conduct