In an effort to meet the State of Iowa's waste reduction goals, The City of Iowa City has implemented garbage and recycling programs to encourage waste reduction.

The recycling programs are designed to promote recycling and reuse of materials rather than disposing into the landfill. The City of Iowa City emphasizes reduction and reuse as first priorities. The best option is not to produce waste in the first place, and is promoted through program opportunities and events.

Curbside garbage, organics (food waste and yard waste), and recycling services are available to single family residences and multiplexes of four units or fewer. To learn more about these services, view the Garbage, Organics, and Recycling Curbside Guide or watch the Curbside 101 video below.

Residents new to Iowa City, must sign up for utilities, which include water and curbside collection for garbage, recycling and organics, and are billed monthly.  

The City's Resource Management Division serves the residents of Iowa City by providing a high level of service, while emphasizing the safety of its workers.

Browse the links below to learn more about the City of Iowa City Resource Management Division. 


Visit our Recycling page to learn more about opportunities to recycle in Iowa City.

Organics (Food Waste and Yard Waste) 

Visit the Organics page for more information on Iowa City's yard waste and food waste programs. Learn ways to reduce food waste at home, and what materials can be composted.


View our Garbage page to learn about curbside garbage service and special item collection, such as electronics or tires.

Landfill and Recycling Centers

Check out our Landfill and Recycling Centers page to see hauling prices, and to learn about the services available at the Iowa City Landfill and Recycling Center, and the East Side Recycling Center

Questions? Contact Resource Management at 319-356-5151.


Utility Services