It is important that storm sewers be kept clear so they can serve their intended purpose; to move storm water away from streets and homes. If you notice a storm sewer clogged at the surface with brush, or other debris, please contact the Streets Division directly at 319-356-5181.

If a storm sewer does not appear to have any debris blocking it at the surface and it is still not draining properly, there is most likely an issue below the surface. In this type of situation you will need to contact the Wastewater Division directly at 319-356-5170.

Residents who wish to take a more proactive approach in helping to keep the City’s storm drains clear may choose to participate in the Adopt-a-drain program. The Adopt-a-drain program enlists residents help in keeping storm drains clear and preventing neighborhood flooding. Please keep in mind, all residents can help by properly disposing of their yard waste so that it will not get washed into storm sewers adjacent to their homes.