Alleys in Iowa City are not plowed, or otherwise maintained by the City. Please see the alley maintenance policy.

When both weather and time permit, the City of Iowa City will grade existing rock in an alley at no charge to the adjacent property owners. If adjacent owners would like additional rock spread on their alley, they can do so by ordering and purchasing the rock and City staff will deliver and grade at no additional charge. On average, a one block alley takes 2-3 loads of rock. On average, a load of rock weighs 8-10 tons. If a property owner(s) chooses to purchase rock to be spread on their alley they will receive the rock at the City cost per ton. Although the cost may fluctuate throughout the year, the current cost per ton is $9.25. Please take into consideration, the high end cost for a one block of alley would be – 3 loads (30 tons) x $9.25 = $277.50

If a property owner(s) decides that they would like to purchase rock to improve the condition of the alley adjacent to their home(s), please contact the Streets Division at 319-356-5181. After all arrangements have been made, the City will set up a time to spread the rock. The property owner will be invoiced directly for the cost of the rock after it has been spread.