Concrete washout

Concrete is one of the most common and most harmful contaminants from construction sites. It is illegal for concrete contaminated wash-out water to enter directly into any waterway or storm drain. Instead, concrete washout areas should be set-up at any and all construction sites, where the washout will be contained. The reason this is so important is because the washout waste is very corrosive. The pH can often be over 12, which is the same as common liquid drain cleaners. If this substance enters into our waterways, it is extremely harmful.

Erosion and sediment control

Erosion control is preventing the detachment of soil particles and reducing the amount of runoff. This is achieved by several different practices including:

  • Compost blankets
  • Grading strategies
  • Mulching
  • Rolled erosion control products
  • Establishing vegetation

Sediment control is trapping already detached soil particles that are moving in the erosion process. This is best achieved by slowing the flow, and allowing sediment to settle out. This is achieved by several different practices including:

  • Compost filter berms
  • Compost socks
  • Filter strips
  • GeoRidge™
  • Inlet protection devices
  • Rock check dams
  • Sediment control basins
  • Silt fences

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