What benefit will you receive from the utility fee?

The utility fees will help pay for various stormwater services. Some of these services include public education, storm sewer inspection, cleaning, maintenance/repair, and administrative costs associated with stormwater management. In addition, the stormwater utility fees will pay for practices and projects to help improve water quality and reduce flooding in Iowa City. This includes funding for new storm sewer construction, separation of combined sewers, and modification to existing troubled systems.

Utility fee schedule

  • All single-family homes in Iowa City will pay the same $5 monthly fee, as part of the monthly bill including other City utilities (water, sewer, garbage, yard waste and recycling services).
  • Multi-family dwellings will pay $2.50 monthly per unit.
  • The fee for non-residential properties will be based on the actual impervious area and will vary for each property. An impervious area is a surface that does not allow water to soak into the ground. Driveways, rooftops and parking lots are considered impervious areas.

View the City Code regarding Stormwater Utilities and Associated Fees.

Utility bill inserts

Utility bill inserts are included in monthly billing statements for residents and provide information about various City programming, as well as stormwater utilities information. To view current and archived educational inserts, visit the utility insert page.

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