This program has been developed to provide financial assistance for property owners to perform creek maintenance. The program is intended to help cover the costs of materials such as rip rap (stone) or plant materials used to stabilize a creek bank, and/or to provide free disposal of debris removed from the creek. The goals of the program are to reduce erosion and limit flooding by facilitating proper creek maintenance. Projects may range from debris removal to erosion control and bank stabilization. The program has a limited amount of funds. Comprehensive projects spanning more than one property are often most effective and will be given a higher priority.

How to participate in the creek maintenance program

  1. Fill out the application and include a sketch of the proposed work and attach estimates or quotes you may have.
  2. Make sure that the application is signed by the property owner(s).


  1. The property owner is responsible for the payment of all expenses associated with the work. Upon submittal of paid receipts, the City will reimburse the property owner within 30 days for costs approved by this application. 
  2. Implementation of an approved project is the sole responsibility of the property owner. The City is not liable for personal injury or property damage resulting from said work. 
  3. Projects approved for funding carry no implied warrantee by the City. Implementation and maintenance are the responsibility of the property owner. 
  4. The property owner is responsible for any local, state or federal permits that may be required. In most cases if any permit is required, it will be a local permit that can be obtained from the Neighborhood and Development Services Department (319-356-5120). 
  5. Free disposal of debris removed from a creek has the following requirements: 
  • Place the debris at the curb between the sidewalk and the street.
  • Place all wood in a separate pile from other debris (such as shopping carts and tires).
  • Call three days in advance to arrange for pick up (319-356-5140).
  1. Involve your neighbors. If your neighbors are not a part of the project, at least keep them informed and seek their input before doing the work.

For more information, contact the Engineering Division at 319-356-5140.

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