The Iowa City Police Department has launched a crime mapping system that graphically shows information to the public. The LexisNexis Community Crime Map will allow Iowa City residents a firsthand look at crimes occurring in their city.

Residents will be able to sign up for email alerts detailing criminal activity occurring in their neighborhood. The user will simply input an address and search radius to receive updates for that specific area.

The website does not give a narrative of the incident, show whether anyone was arrested, or explain how the crimes were committed, but it does list the offenses that were associated to any reported incident. Due to the wide assortment of offense possibilities many “like” offenses are grouped into general categories. Some offense codes have been excluded in order to protect victims’ identities.

A reported offense will not appear on the map until after the incident is completed by the Iowa City Police Department to protect the investigative process. While every effort is made to display all reported offenses on the map, it is understood that this is for general public review and not to be used for any specific statistical analysis of criminal activity. 

Watch the training video for any questions on use of the website. 

Access the LexisNexis Community Crime Map  

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