The Iowa City Police Department’s community service program allows individuals to work off court fines and fees or required community service hours in a supervised atmosphere. The work performed will be focused on providing a cleaner and safer downtown.

What type of work is performed?

Examples of tasks are washing refuse cans in the Pedestrian Mall, cleaning cigarette waste from planters and sidewalks, sweeping debris and litter from alleys, and removing flyers and staples from utility poles. All necessary equipment (brooms, pry bar, pliers, garbage bags, etc.) will be provided.

Appropriate clothing

Your community service day will involve manual labor. Your clothing may get dirty and/or damaged. Please keep that, and the weather, in mind when choosing your clothing for the day. It is suggested that you bring a pair of work gloves that are comfortable when using a broom, pliers or other hand tools.

Additional questions/scheduling

If you have additional questions, or if you would like to participate in the program, contact Officer David Schwindt at david-schwindt@iowa-city.org or 319-356-5275.