Trees on City-owned property

The Forestry Division, acting in the best interest of the trees and the public, determines whether a tree on City-owned property must be removed.

Reasons for tree removal from City-owned property may include:

  • Disease
  • Dead and/or declining
  • Structurally hazardous
  • Undesirable species
  • Threat to the health and well being of the public and or urban forest
  • Improper placement

Notice of tree removal from City-owned property

The immediately adjacent property owner(s) will be notified by written or personal contact.

The Forestry Division will explain the rationale behind the decision to remove a tree. The final decision as to whether a tree is removed rests with the Forestry Division.

Who pays for the tree removal?

The City of Iowa City is responsible for costs associated with tree removal for trees growing:

  • On boulevards
  • In the public right of way of streets or alleys
  • On easements behind sidewalks
  • On City-owned parkland
  • On other municipal public property

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