Harlocke Hill Park
Harlocke Street

0.9 acres 

Acquired in 2004

Park details

  • This is a very small neighborhood park acquired through the Neighborhood Open Space Ordinance in 2004. It is 0.9 acres in size and is generally referred to as a "mini park". It is located adjacent to Harlocke Street, about a block south of Benton Street.
  • The name "Harlocke Hill Park" was recommended by the neighborhood association, resulting from a survey conducted by them, and subsequently approved by the Parks and Recreation Commission and the City Council.
  • Playground equipment was installed in 2005; the park also includes grass-covered open space, and a rather large wooded ravine, which is slated for some future development to make it more easily accessible. Another tentative plan for the future is to connect this park with Benton Hill Park via an off-street trail.

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