The Parking Division of the Iowa City Transportation Services Department oversees the operation of parking garages, parking lots, and on-street (metered) parking. Parking Services enforces parking regulation in the central business district, while the Police Department enforces parking regulations in residential areas.

Recognizing that there is a high demand for parking in downtown Iowa City, Parking Services promotes turnover of on-street (metered) parking spaces in the core of the downtown. Customers with longer-term needs are encouraged to use the garages or on streets in outlying areas.

For more information on City parking regulations please see Title 9 - Motor Vehicles and Traffic in the City Code.

Bike lockers are available for rent at the Court Street Transportation Center. 

Rental fees:

  • Three-month rental: $20
  • Six-month rental: $35
  • 12-month rental: $60

The Court Street Transportation Center is located just south of Burlington Street on Dubuque Street. Call 319-356-5151 for more information. 


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