Learn more about current City of Iowa City sustainability initiatives, information and resources.

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Environmental Resources 


Learn more and participate in current City of Iowa City Sustainability initiatives: 

Iowa City Climate Action and Adaption Plan 

The Iowa City City Council established a community-wide greenhouse gas emissions target and created its first Climate Action and Adaption Plan in order to develop strategies to achieve its emissions target. ​Visit the Iowa City Climate Action and Adaptation Plan webpage and the Iowa City Climate Action Steering Committee webpage to learn more.  

Community Climate Action Grant

Apply for the Iowa City Community Climate Action Grant.

The City Council approved funding for a grant program for the community to assist in the implementation of the Iowa City Climate Action and Adaptation Plan. 

Learn more and apply at www.icgov.org/communityclimateactiongrant

IC Monarchs 

The City of Iowa City is taking several steps to help support the monarch butterfly, whose population has declined by more than 90 percent in recent decades. Visit www.icgov.org/ICMonarchs to learn more. 

Sustainability Reports

Browse City of Iowa City Sustainability reports and assessments:  

Sustainability Report

The City of Iowa City is committed to improving quality of life through sustainability practices that promote social well-being, environmental health and economic stability. The City Council identified sustainability and inclusivity as overarching goals in its most recent strategic plan, and this report summarizes our 2015 sustainability highlights, as well as initiatives that will be undertaken in 2016.

Climate Projections

The City of Iowa City, in an effort to better prepare for the coming impacts of climate change, has been coordinating with climatologists to predict how we might be affected. This report shows the findings of the study. 

Greenhouse Gas Update

The City's Sustainability Office issues this report to update residents on the success of its efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Community emissions have been tracked annually since 2008. The City Council has identified sustainability as an important goal in its most recent strategic plan, and is committed to improving our quality of life through sustainability practices.

Sustainability Assessment

This assessment identifies specific indicators that coordinate with the vision and broad set of goals set forth in IC2030, Iowa City’s most recent Comprehensive Plan and the City’s Strategic Plan. The indicators will act as a source of information for the next step of this process: the development of sustainability goals and targets.

Environmental Sustainability Resources 

Take advantage of the natural areas in Iowa City, and view the plant guide at the East Side Recycling Center. 

Natural Areas of Iowa City Management Plan

The City of Iowa City owns almost 1,000 acres of natural areas consisting of prairie, wetlands, forest and riparian areas.

The Natural Areas brochure is a reference guide with information and locations of areas. Our 2016 Natural Areas Report contains more information about the native plant communities owned and managed by the City of Iowa City.

Plant Guide - East Side Recycling Center

More than 60 native plant species, with names like Shooting Star, Prairie Sundrops, Side Oats Grama, Windflower, and Queen of the Prairie, are showcased in the gardens at the East Side Recycling Center. These plants not only provide colorful blooms from April through October, but also help educate visitors about the role prairie plants play in controlling stormwater runoff. The East Side Recycling Center, located at 2401 Scott Blvd. SE in Iowa City, incorporates several biocells, which were built to capture stormwater after a rain. Each biocell includes a variety of plants whose deep roots absorb the water, thereby helping to prevent flooding. This list of native plants includes information on the many plant varieties available for viewing at the recycling center, including their height, color, and bloom time.

Stop by to enjoy the plants in bloom and use them as an example of plants you can grow in your own garden!