Since the inception of the Iowa City Neighborhood Outreach Program in 1997, 33 neighborhoods have established themselves as neighborhood associations in Iowa City as show on this map. Some neighborhood associations hold regular meetings or activities while others are available when involvement in issues is necessary. 
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Neighborhood Associations 

How to form a neighborhood association 

  1. Talk to some neighbors to determine if there is interest.
  2. Contact the City's Neighborhood Outreach Coordinator Marcia Bollinger at 319-356-5237 or She can help you arrange a convenient location in your neighborhood, advertise and promote the meeting.
  3. Establish common goals and needs of the neighborhood at the neighborhood meeting and initiate a process to accomplish these goals.

Contact Neighborhood Outreach Coordinator Marcia Bollinger with questions. 

List of neighborhood associations and contacts

Those neighborhood associations that are listed have current contact persons and activity.  If a neighborhood association is not listed and you may be interested in learning more about being involved in becoming a contact person, please contact Neighborhood Outreach Coordinator Marcia Bollinger.

  • Bluffwood -Dick Dorzweiler
  • College Green - Nancy Carlson and Jim Walters
  • Country Club Estates - Kim Reves
  • Creekside - Karen Nichols
  • Galway Hills - Nancy Leavesseur
  • Goosetown - Katy Krapfl
  • South District - Angie Jordan and Jessica Bovey
  • Longfellow - Karen Fischer
  • Lucas Farms - Judy Nyren
  • Manville Heights - Marilyn Rosenquist
  • Melrose Ave - Jean Walker
  • Miller Orchard - Mary Knudson and Paula Swygard
  • Morningside/Glendale - Sue Mellecker  
  • Parkview Terrace/Normandy - Mary Murphy
  • Northside - Sarah Clark
  • Oak Grove - Astrid Bennett
  • Peninsula Area Neighborhood - Catherine Wilcox
  • Penny Bryn - Rachel Zimmermann Smith  
  • Ty'n Cae - Judy Pfohl
  • Walnut Ridge - Dick Tucker
  • Waterfront - Joyce Barker
  • Washington Hills - Robin Butler
  • Windsor Ridge - Chrissy Chambliss

If you wish to contact any of the above neighborhood representatives, please contact Marcia Bollinger.

Neighborhood Council of Iowa City

The Neighborhood Council of Iowa City, a collaboration of neighborhood associations, is also staffed by the Neighborhood Outreach Coordinator. The Neighborhood Council works as one unit in an effort to address common issues or concerns of all neighborhoods.  They also meet to learn about various resources and programs available through the City and other outside organizations as well as provide their input on new City initiatives being considered.

The Neighborhood Council also oversees and implements the Program for Improving Neighborhoods (PIN) grant program.

Meetings of the Neighborhood Council typically fall on the 2nd Wednesday of the month.  If you would like to be included on the email list for notifications of these meetings, please contact Marcia Bollinger at or at 319-356-5237.

Program for Improving Neighborhoods Grant (PIN)

      Applications are being accepted through March 27, 2020
      for Fiscal Year 2021 PIN grant funds. 
PIN Grant Application 
Note: This video provides the schedule for the 2019 PIN grant. Please refer to the information below for the 2021 program.
The City of Iowa City offers funding to neighborhood associations to beautify or strengthen their neighborhoods each year through the PIN grant program. Maximum grant amount is $5,000. The grant, which is currently budgeted to provide $20,000 in Fiscal Year 20 (July 1, 2020-June 30, 2021) has funded a variety of programs and projects including, but not limited to:
  • park improvements including plantings and equipment
  • special events including performances and block parties
  • printing and mailing of newsletters
  • alley/sidewalk repairs
  • additional neighborhood policing
  • neighborhood placemaking signage
Schedule for Fiscal Year 2021 PIN grants:
  •  March 27, 2020 (Friday) - 5:00 PM - Grant applications due to Office of Neighborhood Outreach.
  •  April 8, 2020 (Wednesday) Tentative - 5:30 PM - Neighborhoods present their PIN applications to the City Staff. 
  •  April 10, 2020 (Friday) – Results of City Staff recommendation for funding is forwarded to applicants. 
  •  April 24, 2020 (Friday) – Applicant deadline to request an appeal of decision.
  •  May 13, 2020 (Wednesday) - 5:30 PM – Neighborhood Council reviews appeal request and decides if changes will be requested to the staff recommendation.
  •  May 22, 2020 (Friday) – 5:00 PM – Staff response forwarded to all grant applicants.
  •  July 1, 2020 - Funds available for projects.

Prior to applying, please review these documents so you are aware of all the grant requirements:  

Please feel free to contact Marcia Bollinger, Neighborhood Outreach Coordinator at or at 319-356-5237 if you have questions or need any assistance with the PIN grant application process.


    Many Iowa City neighborhood associations use to communicate with their neighbors, and receive updates from the City of Iowa City regarding street closures, leaf pick up schedule, recreation programs and many other topics. If you live in Iowa City be sure to sign-up to receive updates and information on Nextdoor.   It is also a great way to share information with your neighbors regarding activities, concerns, or general interest!