Iowa City Artists Registry Terms of Use

1. Who We Are

The Iowa City Artist Registry is operated by the City of Iowa City Public Art Program.

2. Purpose

We allow Artists in a variety of disciplines to post their website and contact information on the City of Iowa City website. Members of the public may view this information on this website and may contact the Artists directly to purchase artwork or art-related services. Any communications or transactions between members of the public and Artists are handled between members of the public and the Artists and the City is not involved and takes no responsibility whatsoever in connection with those activities.

3. Copyright Information

All Artists and Users understand and recognize that:

Copyright law may protect the Artist’s material on this Website and copyrighted material may not be copied without the owner’s permission. The City of Iowa does not enforce copyright laws.  The City of Iowa City recommends that Artists watermark their images and take all necessary steps to protect their copyrighted material.

4. Objectionable Content

The Artist’s image cannot be: profane, obscene, injurious, offensive or sexually explicit. Additionally, the image cannot suggest or promote smoking tobacco, vaping, drinking alcohol, or using illegal drugs.  The City of Iowa City will not allow any such image to be posted on the Registry.

5. Cancellations

The City of Iowa City may cancel an artist’s use of this website at any time consistent with local, state, and federal law, and the City of Iowa City also may discontinue the Registry at any time. 

6. Information about artists

If you are an artist who wishes to be identified in the Registry, we will collect your name, website and contact information and accept one image of your work for display on our website.  By submitting your application with contact information and/or image, you agree that we may display this information on our website, and you understand that we can accept no responsibility for any use of your material or contact information made by members of the public using the site.  All information submitted is a public record and available to any member of the public consistent with Chapter 22 of the Code of Iowa.   Artists may change or update information or be removed from the Registry by contacting us at If the information is removed from the Registry, it nonetheless is a public record available to any member of the public consistent with Chapter 22 of the Code of Iowa.