Frequently Asked Questions

What are the artist eligibility requirements?

In order to join the Registry, artists must be full-time residents of Iowa City, create their art in Iowa City, or perform/display their art primarily in Iowa City. Artists of all disciplines and at all career levels, from emerging to professional, are welcome.

I’m not an artist; can I be included on the Registry?

Yes. If you represent an Arts Organization or business representing artists, you can submit a submission form to be included on the Registry. 

What if I am a literary artist or musician and do not have any images?

All members of the Registry must upload at least one image.  We suggest literary artists, musicians, or other non-visual artists include visual representations of their work, such as the cover of their book, an author photo, or a photo of a performance. As a user searches the database, a thumbnail image will appear along with contact information.  Profiles without images have fewer visitors.

Are submissions reviewed?

All submissions to the Registry are reviewed to determine that all information was included, that the supporting materials are consistent with the descriptions provided, and to ensure that the submissions are compatible with the purpose of the Registry. If approved, the Artist's Registry webpage is updated with the image and direct links to the artist's webpage. If there are questions about submissions, the artists will be contacted by the email provided in the submission. 

Who can use the Iowa City Artist Registry?

The Registry is an on-line resource that is open and free to the public. The key audiences are arts organizations, arts presenters, curators, designers, artists, architects, developers, community groups, and businesses. 

How can I contact an artist that I’ve found on the Registry?

You must contact the artist directly given the contact information that they have provided on their profile or within their websites. Administrators of the Iowa City Artist Registry do not facilitate communications to any artists.

Is there a fee to use the Registry?

There is no cost to artists to join the Registry and no cost to browse the Registry. 

How do I contact the Iowa City Artist Registry?

You may contact the Iowa City Artist Registry by email