Pay for permits

If you would like to pay your rental or construction permit fee online, follow the "Proceed" link below. From there, type in your case number or property address, click search, and your permit case will appear. If searched by address, all cases for that property will be displayed.  Find the appropriate case. (For example, all rental cases start with REN. See key below for common permits.) and click on the case, scroll to the bottom of the page, then click on the pay fee link. At the pay fee link you will be asked for your name, address and credit card information. Please note: The "pay fee" link will only appear if you have fees due.

When all the required information has been entered, click on the charge my credit card link and your credit card payment will be processed through PayPal in a matter of moments.  Important: After paying, the button that says to return to the city's web page  MUST be clicked in order to process your transaction.


Building - BLD
Construction site runoff - CSR
Demolition - DEM
Electrical - ELE
Fire alarm - FAP
Fire sprinkler - FSP
Mechanical - MEC
Plumbing - PLM
Rental - REN
Site plan review - SPD

Rental permit fees

  • $165 for structure
  • $17 for each unit
  • $9 for each bedroom

Fees are assessed once every two years for multi-family structures (three or more dwelling units), and once every two years for single-family and duplex structures.

A one-time $40 fee is charged for the property's Certificate of Structure Compliance (CSC). Under most circumstances, the Certificate is a permanent document valid for the life of the property.

No fee is charged for the rental permit licensing inspection nor for the initial reinspection and for one reinspection of exterior work that has been granted an extension to complete. A $60 fee will be assessed for each additional reinspection which must be scheduled. A $50 "no show" fee will be assessed for each reinspection at which time the owner/agent fails to provide interior access.

Failure to correct violations in a timely manner may result in issuance of a citation and further legal action. Currently a first offense citation is $250, escalating to $500 for second offense and $750 for the third offense.

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