Since the inception of the Iowa City Neighborhood Outreach Program in 1997, 33 neighborhoods have established themselves as neighborhood associations in Iowa City as shown on this map. Some neighborhood associations hold regular meetings or activities while others are available when involvement in issues is necessary. 

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Neighborhood Associations 

If you are interested in information related to Homeowner's Associations in Iowa City, please visit the Iowa Secretary of State's Business Entity Database webpage to obtain contact information for HOA Board members.

How to form a neighborhood association 

  1. Talk to some neighbors to determine if there is interest.
  2. Contact the City at for assistance in arranging a method of outreach and communications.
  3. Establish common goals and needs of the neighborhood through a meeting or online format and initiate a process to accomplish these goals.

List of neighborhood associations and contacts

Those neighborhood associations that are listed have current contact persons and activity. If a neighborhood association is not listed and you may be interested in learning more about being involved in becoming a contact person, please email 

  • Bluffwood -Dick Dorzweiler
  • College Hill - Nancy Carlson and Jim Walters
  • Country Club Estates - Kim Reves
  • Creekside - Karen Nichols
  • Eastside - Jessica Andino and John Johnson
  • Galway Hills - Erin Jordan
  • Goosetown - Katy Krapfl
  • Longfellow - Karen Fischer
  • Lucas Farms - Judy Nyren
  • Manville Heights - Marilyn Rosenquist
  • Miller Orchard - Mary Knudson and Paula Swygard
  • Mormon Trek Village - Gitan Shah and Larry Evers
  • Morningside/Glendale - Sue Mellecker  
  • Parkview Terrace/Normandy - Mary Murphy
  • Northside - Sarah Clark; neighborhood website here
  • Peninsula Area Neighborhood - Catherine Wilcox
  • South District Neighborhood - Angie Jordan and Jessica Bovey
  • Ty'n Cae - Judy Pfohl
  • Walnut Ridge - Dick Tucker
  • Windsor Ridge - Chrissy Chambliss, Lorraine Bowans and Erika Christiansen
  • Wonderful Westside Neighborhood - Mohamed Joreya

If you wish to contact any of the above neighborhood representatives, please email

Neighborhood Council of Iowa City

The Neighborhood Council of Iowa City is a collaboration of neighborhood associations. The Neighborhood Council works as one unit in an effort to address common issues or concerns of all neighborhoods. They also meet to learn about various resources and programs available through the City and other outside organizations as well as provide their input on new City initiatives being considered.

As of spring 2022, the Outreach & Engagement Specialist for the City will work with the Neighborhood Council to implement the Program for Improving Neighborhoods (PIN) grant program for their respective neighborhoods.

Meetings of the Neighborhood Council typically occur on a quarterly basis, or as needed. If you would like to be included on the email list for notifications of these meetings, please contact

Program for Improving Neighborhoods Grant (PIN)

      Applications have closed for Fiscal Year 2023 PIN grant funds. 

The City of Iowa City offers funding to neighborhood associations to beautify or strengthen their neighborhoods each year through the PIN grant program. Maximum grant amount is $5,000. The grant, which is currently budgeted to provide $20,000 in Fiscal Year 23 (July 1, 2022-June 30, 2023) has funded a variety of past programs

Schedule for Fiscal Year 2023 PIN grants:
  •  April 8, 2022 (Friday) - 5 PM - Grant applications due to Office of Neighborhood Outreach.
  •  April 29, 2022 (Friday) Tentative – Staff review completed and recommendations forwarded to applicants.   
  •  May 6, 2022 (Friday) – Applicant deadline to request an appeal of decision.
  •  May 13, 2022 (Friday) Tentative - 5:30 PM – Neighborhood Council reviews appeal request and decides if changes will be requested to the staff recommendation.
  •  July 1, 2022 - Funds available for projects.

PIN Grant Evaluation and Review

A PIN Grant Review Committee, consisting of representatives from City departments and divisions, will consider applications using a ranking criteria. After review, staff will recommend a funding level for each application. Results will be sent to PIN grant applicants. There will be an opportunity to appeal decisions made by the staff committee.

PIN Grant Payment Process

Funds will be available from July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023. Projects completed must be verified as complete by the Outreach & Engagement Specialist. To obtain funds for completed work, an invoice must be submitted to the Communications Office from the contractor/supplier, made out to the City of Iowa City. It is possible to make payment for partially completed work or provided materials, although it would be helpful to limit the number of such payments if possible. Purchases can be made by individuals and reimbursement made to them. Copies of receipts must be provided along with the person’s name and address that should be reimbursed. At the time that the invoice is submitted, please arrange a time with the Outreach & Engagement Specialist to inspect/verify that the work is completed. It may be necessary to have the work inspected by various staff dependent upon the project. Invoices submitted by any Thursday will be available on the Friday of the following week. The checks will normally be mailed out unless otherwise indicated. Materials can be paid for only if they have been utilized or installed as detailed in the grant application. The completed work must be acceptable to the neighborhood and City for payment to be made.

Grant Monitoring and Closeout

The Outreach & Engagement Specialist will monitor PIN Grant projects throughout the year by asking for periodic updates on the progress by the responsible neighborhood association. To confirm that all PIN funding will be expended within the funding year, neighborhoods must present written verification (email is acceptable) of intentions to expend all funds by January 31, 2023. At that time, if it is apparent that all funds will not be expended during the funding year, the City may reallocate funds to unfunded PIN grant requests that meet the requirements of the grant, and have provided detailed use for the funds.

Please feel free to contact the City at if you have questions or need any assistance with the PIN grant application process.


    Many Iowa City neighborhood associations use to communicate with their neighbors, and receive updates from the City of Iowa City regarding street closures, leaf pick up schedule, recreation programs and many other topics. If you live in Iowa City be sure to sign-up to receive updates and information on Nextdoor.   It is also a great way to share information with your neighbors regarding activities, concerns, or general interest!