1. Development's Stormwater Information 

Contact the residential development's current owner or the individual from whom the property was purchased in order to obtain the following stormwater information:

  1. IDNR NPDES permit authorization
  2. Notice of Transfer (if applicable)

For more information on Development's stormwater compliance process, refer to Contractors for Construction Projects of One or More Acres. (Public Works and Engineering).

2. City of Iowa City Construction Site Runoff Permit 

Building Inspection Services requires the following documents, which can be found in our Construction Site Runoff Permit Application Packet (below), must be submitted in order to obtain a CSR Permit: 


Construction Site Runoff (CSR) Permit Applications can now be found in the City's Customer Self-Service (CSS) portal

Complete application includes:

  1. A properly completed CSR application
  2. Project Subcontractors and Estimated Scheduling
  3. Design Standards/Special Conditions
  4. Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) that details site stormwater pollution prevention controls

Construction activities may proceed once the pollution prevention measures have been inspected and approved by the Building Division, and after the CSR and building permits have been issued.

For more information on the City of Iowa City Construction Site Runoff Program, contact:

Building Inspection Services
410 E Washington, Iowa City IA 52240

City Government