*Note to customers: Permit information will be available using our new service on Tuesday, June 23, 2020.


The City of Iowa City has replaced the former permitting software system ProjectDox and Tidemark, implemented more than 30 years ago, with a new integrated software system called EnerGov.                              

What Has Changed?

New Customer Self-Service (CSS) portal (available 6/23/2020)

EnerGov provides improved operational transparency to customers and the public and expands the number of permit and case types for which people apply, pay for, and request inspections for online through a citizen self-service portal.

The self-service portal replaces paper or electronic application forms formerly found on the website used by Urban Planning, Building Inspections, Rental Housing Inspections, Zoning, Site Plan review, and Public Works. 

How to use the portal

Access to the self-service portal requires a one-time registration process for use. Customers must designate a single email address for creating a portal account to receive email notifications about application status updates, invoices and process information.

Application and case status information, fee payments and other information will be available in the portal.

The public may also use this portal without registering to look up cases and land development activity in their neighborhood.

The self-service portal replaces the permit search feature previously found on the City’s website.   

Anyone experiencing problems related to Land development or Board of Adjustment applications may contact Neighborhood and Development Services, 319-356-5230

The following applications must now be submitted online rather than via hard copy or the planning & zoning email address:

  • Land Development Applications (Annexation, Rezoning, Subdivision, Vacation, Comprehensive Plan Amendments, Code Changes, Johnson County Fringe Area)
  • Historic Reviews
  • Board of Adjustment Applications (Special Exceptions, Variances, Appeals)

Additional guidance for submitting many of these applications can be found in the application process in the customer self-service portal or on the City’ website at www.icgov.org/permits.

Several short tutorial videos can also be viewed here.

First Time Registration:

Navigating the Dashboard:

Changes to payment

Payment for all services will be taken online in the Customer Self-Service Portal after setting up an account. Using the online pay option will result in the fastest processing of applications. There is no fee for debit or credit card transactions

Large payments, invoices greater than $15,000, will continue to be required to be paid using check or money order. When needing to make a large payment, please contact the Department for help with your invoice by calling 319-356-5230.

Use the self-service portal now.


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