Insulate Iowa City


Did you know a poorly insulated attic loses as much heat as a window left open all winter?

Insulation Grant for Iowa City Residents

Iowa City offers a grant for income-qualified Iowa City homeowners that covers the cost in full to increase the amount of insulation in their home. It is different from a loan that needs to be repaid or a rebate that requires participants to file for reimbursement. All of the costs are covered by the City directly.

How do you apply?
Income limits to quality
  1. One-person household: $61,050
  2. Two-person household: $69,800
  3. Three-person household: $78,500
  4. Four-person household: $87,200
  5. Five-person household: $94,200
How does it help?

There is more than one benefit to homes that increase insulation! 

  • Save money on energy costs
  • Increase the comfort of your home in cold weather
  • Save on air conditioning in the summer

Additionally, these improvements help decrease your carbon footprint, which aids in fighting climate change!

For more information or talk about signing up

Contact Daniel Bissell | | 319-887-6161

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