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We often think of cities in terms of their skyline, all those buildings towering upward and outward. But just as critical to the urban landscape is the network of roads, sidewalks, trails, and railways linking those buildings together. Without them, residents can't commute to work or school or visit friends and family, and businesses can't get necessary supplies or distribute their goods.

Connectivity is important but also can come at a cost to our air quality and greenhouse gas emissions. The most recent greenhouse gas inventory for Iowa City shows that 18% of total emissions in Iowa City come from the transportation sector. The more we can embrace active transportation like biking and walking, and transportation that makes more efficient use of our resources like transit and electric vehicles, the more we can put ourselves on a path toward better health in the present and reduced climate change impacts in the future.



Photo of Kasey Hutchinson, Iowa City resident

“My family recently purchased cargo e-bikes so we can transport our entire family for everything from school to work to staying alive purposes, replacing our vehicles as long as road conditions allow… Not fighting for [climate change] is antithetical to what a lot of us have been told our entire lives: 'Put it back the way you found it, or better.'"       

- Kasey Hutchinson, Iowa City resident




Did you know on average, riding the bus uses a third less emissions than driving a single-passenger gas powered vehicle? 



Picture of Adamantine Spine Moving company’s fleet of moving trucks with rainbow in background

"We try to reduce the harm we're causing because it's the right thing to do...If we and all businesses were paying our fair share based on [climate] impacts...we'd already have a lot more clean or zero-emission medium and heavy duty truck options."

- Eric Jones, President of Adamantine Spine Moving




Did you know? The transportation sector makes up 17% of community-wide emissions in Iowa City. Biking and/or walking can support the City's goals to cut vehicle emissions by increasing bicycle and pedestrian transportation.

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