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Energy is something used every day, often without thinking about it. We turn on the light switch and expect lights to turn on. We heat and cool our homes, only pausing at the end of the month to think about what this means for our electricity or gas bill. 

The most recent greenhouse gas inventory for Iowa City shows that 71% of total emissions in Iowa City come from the electricity and natural gas used to power and heat our homes and businesses. Preventing the worst impacts of climate change begins with reducing how much energy we consume in our buildings and using cleaner power sources like wind and solar to generate that energy.



"People should realize anything they do that makes their house more green is a good idea!"
Iowa City Resident Betty Norbeck


Did you know? LED lights use at least 75% less energy and last up to 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs!



"Seventy-five percent of annual global greenhouse gas emissions come from the urban built environment. Our ability to drive positive change is immense."
- 2020 Climate Action at Work Awardee Neumann Monson


Did you know? You can save as much as 10% on heating and cooling costs if you set your thermostat to 7-10 degrees lower for the eight hours a day a building isn't occupied.




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