Action matters. Change starts here.

Multiple actions are needed to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. 

Learn more about what steps we all can take and resources available to support your climate actions in these key areas:

Buildings & Energy | TransportationWaste Reduction | Sustainable Lifestyle

And find out how you can connect with other climate-minded residents through:

Climate Fest | Climate Ambassadors


Iowa City residents participating in the Mayor's bike ride fill a city street.

Buildings & Energy

Energy is something used every day, often without thinking about it. We turn on the light switch and expect lights to turn on. We heat and cool our homes, only pausing at the end of the month to think about what this means for our electricity or gas bill. 

The most recent greenhouse gas inventory for Iowa City shows that 71% of total emissions in Iowa City come from the electricity and natural gas used to power and heat our homes and businesses. Preventing the worst impacts of climate change begins with reducing how much energy we consume in our buildings and using cleaner power sources like wind and solar to generate that energy.



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One of Iowa City's electric buses stops at the curb by Old Capital Mall.


We often think of cities in terms of their skyline, all those buildings towering upward and outward. But just as critical to the urban landscape is the network of roads, sidewalks, trails, and railways linking those buildings together. Without them, residents can't commute to work or school or visit friends and family, and businesses can't get necessary supplies or distribute their goods.

Connectivity is important but also can come at a cost to our air quality and greenhouse gas emissions. The most recent greenhouse gas inventory for Iowa City shows that 18% of total emissions in Iowa City come from the transportation sector. The more we can embrace active transportation like biking and walking, and transportation that makes more efficient use of our resources like transit and electric vehicles, the more we can put ourselves on a path toward better health in the present and reduced climate change impacts in the future.



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Residents gather for the annual Farm to Street fundraiser to support local foods.

Sustainable Lifestyle

Choosing to live sustainably has many benefits, both on the individual level and for the community. It can lead to healthier lifestyles, support for local businesses and jobs, and increased greenspace.

Individual choices can also help build a groundswell of community support around more climate-related actions with an understanding that if each of us chooses a few actions where we personally can have an impact, the end result will put Iowa City on the path needed to create a climate-aware community.


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