Iowa City Climate Ambassadors

It's not too late to prevent the worst outcomes of Climate Change.
The time to act is now.
As a Climate Ambassador, you can help.
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Iowa City is taking action. We are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions 45% by 2030 and to becoming net-zero by 2050.

Achieving these goals requires all of us to work together: residents in every neighborhood, businesses in every sector, and organizations serving all parts of the community.

As a Climate Ambassador, you can help advance the conversation and accelerate Iowa City's Climate Action and Adaptation Plan.

The Climate Ambassador training program is designed to inform and empower effective climate change leaders within the Iowa City community. Ambassadors

  • LEARN about climate science and effective climate communication strategies

  • MEET others engaged in climate action in the community

  • BUILD channels of communication between neighbors, community groups, businesses, city leadership and staff, and fellow residents

  • ACT on what they learn through personal commitments and volunteer opportunities, and

  • INSPIRE others to take climate action

Sounds great! How does it work?
Training requirements

Ambassadors participate in an 8-week training course that involves a combination of online, self-paced learning modules and weekly group meetings with fellow trainees. *Due to COVID-19, all weekly group meetings will take place online using a virtual meeting platform.

At the meetings, staff from the Climate Action and Outreach Division of Iowa City go into more depth about the material covered and encourage conversation between the ambassadors to share insights and reflect on what they are learning.

There are also a “challenge” for participants to try each week related to a section of the Iowa City Climate Action and Adaptation Plan. Ambassadors can expect to spend 1 hour per week on training activities.

When is the next training?

The application will open Sept. 12 through Sept. 30, 2022. The trainings will take place on Thursdays at 6 p.m. beginning October 13, 2022 and continuing weekly through December 1, 2022. Group meetings are expected to last 60-90 minutes each week.

Where will the group meetings take place?

Due to COVID-19, trainings have been held virtually, with opportunities available in the future for ambassadors to meet in person. We are continuing to monitor conditions in Johnson County and CDC guidelines to determine if an in-person training opportunity would be feasible.

How much does it cost to participate?

FREE. There is no cost to participate beyond the time commitment. For those who have limited internet access, the City can help arrange for access to a computer and internet connection.

Do applicants already need to know a lot about climate change to participate?

Nope! What matters is your interest and enthusiasm. Every individual is at a different place in the climate journey. Some applicants may be very familiar with the science of climate change already, others may just be starting out. The training is designed to offer something for everyone, no matter where you are at in your journey, and offer opportunities to dig deeper according to your interests.

What are the benefits of participating?

Ambassadors will be equipped with up-to-date information about Climate Change and given the skills to effectively communicate what they learn with others. They will also get in depth insights into the five sections of the Iowa City Climate Action and Adaptation Plan. Ambassadors will have chance to make meaningful connections with others engaged with this issue and will be given opportunities to work together in future volunteer activities. And every person who successfully completes the training will be given a special lapel pin to let others know they are an official Iowa City Climate Ambassador.

Why is Iowa City offering this program?

We need your help! During week 7 of the training, you will be asked to host a climate discussion of your own. These are important conversations. Americans who hear about climate change from their own friends and family are more likely to take action to address it. Additional volunteer opportunities will also be made available periodically to Ambassadors who complete the training. Although continued volunteer involvement is not required, we hope Ambassadors will be inspired to continue their involvement with these efforts.

Who do I contact for more information?

Climate Action Engagement Specialist Megan Hill,

If you will need disability-related accommodations in order to participate in this program, please contact Megan Hill.

Sign me up! How do I apply to get started?

The next training session is currently scheduled to take place late Spring 2023. Check back here for the application between April 3  - April 16, 2023. 

Training sessions have a limited number of participants to ensure a quality experience for all. Applicants who are not able to be accommodated in the upcoming training session will be placed on a wait list and alerted when the next application window opens.