Iowa City will again be offering leaf vacuuming in your neighborhood. For efficient pick up, follow these tips:

Watch a brief video to learn how to prepare your leaves for the leaf vacuum. 


  • Leaf vacuuming begins Monday, Oct. 15, 2018, in zones 6 and 7, and will proceed in numerical order, moving to Zone 1 after 7 is complete. See the zone map on reverse side of this flyer for your zone. 

  • The process will repeat until the program ends Wednesday, Nov. 21. 

  • To see schedules indicating where crews will work over a five-day period, visit, follow the City of Iowa City on Facebook, Twitter and Nextdoor, or subscribe for  e-mail updates at The schedule will be updated and posted daily. 

  • If you do not have direct access to the internet, call 319-356-5181. 
2018 Leaf Vacuum Map Iowa City


  • Rake leaves into a pile on the City right-of-way in front of your house, between the sidewalk and curb. 

  • No sticks, brush, garden refuse or other waste – only leaves. 

  • Piles should be no further than 5 ft. back from the curb, as the vacuum hose will not reach farther. 

  • Combine your leaves into sizeable piles. It slows crews to have to work with many small piles. 

  • The minimum size for one pile should be the equivalent of one paper yard waste bag. 

  • Do not rake leaves into the street, as they may be washed into the storm sewer and can cause flooding. 

  • Do not pile leaves around mailboxes and signposts, instead place the pile in an open area. 


  • Cars parked on the street slow down leaf pick up. In areas where on-street parking is heavy, ‘No Parking’ signs will be posted while leaf crews are in the area. 

  • If you live on a street with heavy parking and you wish to have signs placed, call the Streets Division at 319-356-5181 for consideration. 

  • On streets where calendar parking is enforced, leaf vacuuming will occur on the side without parking. 

  • Be considerate when parking on the street and avoid parking near leaf piles on pick up days. 

Final reminders

  • Despite all advanced preparation; equipment breakdowns, heavy rain and snow can slow or end the program early. 
  • Do not wait to rake. An early winter requires equipment and crews to be moved to snow removal.
  • Paper yard waste bags can be used for more rapid pick up and will be collected on your regular curbside service day through January. 

  • Residents can haul their leaves – for free – to the Landfill at 3900 Hebl Ave.