In partnership with our clients, we will increase efficiency and productivity through the effective use of Information Technology. 

The services provided by the Information Technology Services (ITS) division include server management, legacy system management, software development, system integration, desktop computer management and support, data network design and management, website application development and management, City phone systems support, and fiber optic network design and management.

The ITS division:

  • Provides standardization, integration, and security for City data systems
  • Monitors critical services for early alerting to problems
  • Provides 24x7 support for our clients
  • Maintains Disaster Recovery site for all City data
  • Maintains Virtual Environment to reduce hardware costs, increase efficiency of hardware in-use, and augment Disaster Recovery plan for City data
  • Effectively administers the Replacement Schedule to ensure technology is meeting client requirements
  • Supports and enhances e-government services wherever possible
  • Protects, manages and creates redundant connections in the fiber optic network
  • Monitors technology changes for potential cost savings