The Rick Graf Award recognizes the long-term commitment of an individual, business, or individual with a service organization, to a specific cause or for the benefit of a specific group of persons.


1996: Theresa Kopatich
1997: Brian Thomas
1998: James L. Harris
1999: Phyllis Harper-Bardach
2000: Susan Buckley
2001: Minnette Doderer
2002: Mary Palmberg
2003: John-Paul Chaisson-Cardenas
2004: Philip Mears
2005: Valerie Kemp
2006: Christine Mullen
2007: Robin Butler and Janelle Rettig
2008: Chris Klug
2009: BarbouRoske Family
2010: Sergeant Denise Brotherton
2011: Amy Correia
2012: Joan Vanden Berg
2013: Working Group Theater
2014: Diane Finnerty
​2015: Stephanie Van Housen
2016: Pilot Club of Iowa City