The mission of the Iowa City Fire Department is to protect our community by providing progressive, high quality emergency and preventive services.


Our vision for the Iowa City Fire Department in FY2016 will see our agency widely recognized as one which demonstrates best practices in the delivery of fire, emergency medical and specialized services to our community. Our International Accreditation will foster our organizational culture of continuous improvement, provide a validation of our timely and quality services, and further maintain the trust placed in us by our community.

We will honor our community’s trust by demonstrating our commitment to delivering professional fire and rescue services with compassion, respect, and utmost courtesy. Through expanded community involvement initiatives and the use of various external communications methods, we will ensure that our service offerings are made available and are clearly understood. By proactively identifying and analyzing Iowa City’s evolving risks, and the dynamic demands of those risks, we will improve our response capabilities while implementing resource and deployment strategies which are in the best interest of our community and the accomplishment of our mission.

Our internal culture will reflect a friendly and team-oriented atmosphere nurtured by cooperative internal communication processes. The evolving development and promotion of workforce planning will increase the value of our human capital, and will ensure the future success and health of our members and our agency. We will have properly prepared and equipped members who will deliver services in the safest manner possible. The effective management of our physical resources and enhanced utilization of information technology will provide for continued improvements in all core programs.

Our demonstration of service excellence through innovative and efficient operations will be a priority provision to all those living, working, or visiting in our community. Our leadership and workforce will hold one another individually accountable for applying our mission and values, while continuously striving to reach our goals. It is our vision, through these efforts, that the Iowa City Fire Department will consistently meet or exceed the expectations of our community.


As an organization, we value:

In striving to protect the lives and well-being of our community and our co-workers.

In people who are dedicated, compassionate, trustworthy, and who act with honesty and integrity.

For our community and ourselves, while consistently exhibiting courtesy and compassion for those in need.

Via an environment that allows new ideas and positive change to better serve our community.