The Equipment Division provides repair, preventive maintenance and equipment management services for all major City-owned vehicular equipment with the exception of Transit buses. Fueling services are also the responsibility of the Equipment Division, along with acquisition of new vehicles/equipment and disposition of replaced vehicles/equipment.


Surplus vehicles and equipment

The City of Iowa City may dispose of surplus vehicles and equipment by auction or trade-in.

Vehicles/Equipment currently for sale on can ve viewed on GovDeals.




Terms of sale

  1. All items sold AS IS, WHERE IS, to the highest bidder with no warranties, guarantees or contrary oral statements;
  2. Buyer acknowledges that the City has provided an opportunity to inspect and test the equipment, that the City is not a dealer, and that the Buyer has sole responsibility to comply with OSHA regulations, if applicable;
  3. Buyer acknowledges and agrees to hold the City harmless from claims or demands arising out of the City's sale and the Buyer's purchase of the equipment;
  4. City specifically disclaims all express or implied warranties including the implied warranty of merchantability;
  5. Buyer assumes terms and conditions of any software license agreement arising out of the City's sale and Buyer's purchase of the software;
  6. Buyer assumes all risks, liability and loss resulting from the use of said equipment; and
  7. Buyer understands that equipment will be available when taken out of service by City, and that Buyer is responsible for removal of equipment when so notified by City of its availability.


Payment shall be made in the form of cash, personal check (if under $500), or guaranteed funds, payable to the City of Iowa City. Payment, or balance of payment, shall be made in full prior to taking possession of the sale item(s).


The following taxes shall apply:

Licensed vehicles: 5 percent Iowa Sales Tax on licensed motor vehicles will be collected when the buyer applies for license in the Buyer's county, not at the time of sale. Johnson County also collects a 1 percent Iowa School Local Option Sales Tax, making the total 6 percent. (The City does not collect Iowa Sales Tax on motor vehicles.)

Vehicle title transfer

Following complete payment, the buyer shall transfer the motor vehicle title at Buyer's courthouse. The City may require proof of title transfer (copy of new title or registration) before the buyer may take possession of the motor vehicle. The City shall provide the following for title transfer:

  1. Certificate of title
  2. Registration
  3. Odometer statement if the vehicle is less than nine model years old
  4. Damage disclosure statement if the vehicle is less than seven model years old