The City of Iowa City supplies water and sewer service to businesses within the City limits. To order new service for an existing line, contact the City Revenue Division. A registration card and commercial deposit are required before service can begin.

City Revenue Division, (319) 356-5066

When new water lines and sewer lines are involved, the contractor generally orders water and sewer service. Applications are required for water and sewer connections.

Water Division (for information on water connections), (319) 356-5160
Building Inspection Services (for information on sewer connections), (319) 356-5126

Water leaks should be reported to the Water Division Service Department. Water Division personnel determine the location of the water leak. The property owner is responsible for the repair costs of leaks from the water main to and within the property structure. For questions concerning excessive water usage, contact the Revenue Division.

Water Division Service Department, (319) 356-5166
Revenue Division, (319) 356-5066

When temporary water is needed for construction, new structures will be given a utility account and will be billed "on construction" fees as soon as the tap is made on the water main.

Water Division, (319) 356-5160

Contact the Wastewater Division to report sewer leaks, odors, backed-up or plugged sewer lines, or any other type of complaint. The property owner is responsible for repairs and maintenance costs from the City main to and including the building. Billing questions are referred to the Revenue Division.

Wastewater Division, (319) 356-5177
Revenue Division, (319) 356-5066


Private waste haulers provide sanitation and recycling services to businesses in Iowa City. Businesses should contract with a private hauler for sanitation services. Waste haulers serving Iowa City include:

  • ABC Disposal (319) 395-0904
  • Hawkeye Waste Systems (319) 351-5932
  • Johnson Co. Refuse (319) 628-4498
  • N&N Sanitation (319) 354-2535
  • Waste Management (319) 358-9000

For recycling services, refer to the sanitation services above, or contact:

  • Johnson Co. Recycling Center (319) 338-5620

Contact the Iowa City Landfill Division for information regarding hazardous material regulations, landfill material bans, and special waste authorization.

Landfill Division, (319) 356-5185

Gas and Electricity

MidAmerican Energy Company serves most of the Iowa City area for gas and electricity. Contact MidAmerican at 1-800-329-6261 for information on hook-up for either a new building or existing address. Eastern Iowa Light and Power Cooperative Serves a small portion of southern Iowa City. Contact Eastern Iowa Light and Power at (319) 629-4221.