Iowa City Climate Action Matters - with Goldie

Multiple actions are needed to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. 

Learn about resources available to support your climate actions in these key areas:

Buildings & Energy | Transportation | Sustainable Lifestyle | Waste Reduction Adaptation & Resilience 

Find out how you can connect with other climate-minded residents through:

Climate Fest | Climate AmbassadorsClimate Action Commission

Feeling overwhelmed by climate news? View solutions, positive updates, and straightforward information:

Climate Plans and Reports | Project 51 | Action Matters Newsletter | Trusted Resources for Climate Information

Buildings & Energy
Iowa City's Environmental Education Center, which has solar panels, prairie, and a green roof. This LEED Platinum building is located a the East Side Recycling Center.
The most recent greenhouse gas inventory for Iowa City shows that 78% of our emissions come from the natural gas and electricity used to power and heat our homes and businesses. Preventing the worst impacts of climate change begins with reducing how much energy we consume in our buildings and using cleaner power sources like wind and solar to generate that energy.




photo of Iowa City Transit's electric bus

The more we can embrace active transportation like biking and walking, and transportation that makes more efficient use of our resources like transit and electric vehicles, the more we can put ourselves on a path toward better health in the present and reduced climate change impacts in the future.


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Sustainable Lifestyle
Choosing to live sustainably has many benefits, both on the individual level and for the community. It can lead to healthier lifestyles, support for local businesses and jobs, and increased greenspace. Individual choices can also help build a groundswell of community support around more climate-related actions. If each of us chooses a few actions where we personally can have an impact, we help to create a more climate-aware community.

Adaptation & Resilience 
Goldie, the Climate Action Mascot is a goldfinch. Goldie is shoveling snow for their neighbors.
The City recognizes that some populations may be particularly vulnerable to climate related impacts and could fall through gaps in access to information, services, and resources. It is important to prepare and adapt to changes to minimize disruptions. How do you build resilience? One neighbor at a time! Be active in the community and get to know your neighbors; they are usually the first to check on you in an emergency. All the little ways we lend a hand to one another add up. By working together, we help build the kind of community where everyone can thrive. 




Climate Action Commission

In October 2019, the City Council authorized the creation of a Climate Action Commission to carry out the following duties:

  • advise the council on climate issues
  • research, promote, and analyze climate actions with particular attention to equity
  • engage the public on climate and sustainability goals
  • assist City staff, City Council, and members of the community with implementing approved initiatives that support the City’s climate and sustainability goals.

The commission meets on the first Monday of each month at 3:30 p.m. in City Hall.
The commission consists of 11 members. Two of these are standing members representing the University of Iowa and MidAmerican Energy.
Applications for the commission are accepted year-round and retained for one year in the event that a commission member is unable to continue. 
Questions can be directed to Sarah Gardner, Climate Action Coordinator, at 319-887-6162.

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