The City Council consists of seven members; four represent the City at-large and three represent districts. At-Large Council candidates are nominated by eligible electors (a person 18 years of age and residing in Iowa City). District candidates are nominated by eligible electors within their respective districts.

There will be a City Council election on Tuesday, November 2, 2021. The openings will be for two (2) at-Large seats, and one (1) District B seat, terms expiring January 2, 2025.  A Primary election (if needed) will be held on Tuesday, October 5, 2021.

A list of Iowa City Precincts and their Districts along with a map can be found on the Johnson County Auditor's webpage, Iowa City Council Districts

Dates and Deadlines can be found on the Johnson County Auditors webpage.  Candidates and Ballot Issues are also located on the County Auditors webpage.

Additional election information and voting totals are available at the Johnson County Elections Office at 319-356-6004.

City election information from the Iowa Secretary of State's Office

For voting questions contact the Johnson County Auditor (319-356-6004) or the City Clerk (319-356-5041).

Council candidate forums

During a City election information on candidate forums will be provided. Information must be provided to the City Clerk by the sponsoring organizations and/or candidates.

Initiative information

Please see the City Clerk for more information.

Guide to The Iowa City Charter

****A "referendum" is the right of the voters to require a reconsideration of an existing measure. A referendum timeline is dependent upon the final passage date of the measure. Contact the City Clerk for information.****