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First Thursday of each month at 3:30 p.m. in Emma Harvat Hall at City Hall or via Zoom meeting format if identified in the agenda.


Agenda - 02-02-2023

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Beginning April 29, 2021, City Channel 4 began providing video of Public Art Advisory Committee meetings. You can watch or listen to previous meetings on City Channel 4's website. Video and audio will be uploaded within two business days of the scheduled meeting.

Staff contact 

Wendy Ford

Board Members

Term: 07/01/20 - 06/30/23, Dominic Dongilli, (At-Large)

Term: 07/01/20 - 6/30/23, Anita Jung, (Art of Design Professional)

Term: 01/01/21 - 12/31/23,  Jenny Gringer, (At-Large)

Term: 01/01/21 - 12/31/23, Steven Miller (Art or Design Professional) 

Term: 01/01/22 - 12/31/24, Edward Boyken, (At-Large) 

Term: 01/01/20 - 12/31/25, Jeremy Endsley  (Art or Design Professional)

Term: 01/01/23 - 12/31/25, Andrea Truitt, (At-Large)

Ron Knoche  - Public Works Director

Juli Seydell Johnson  - Parks and Recreation Director


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Number of members 

Nine. Seven of whom shall be appointed by City Council. Of the seven appointees, at least three shall be art or design professionals.The remaining two members shall be ex officio and shall be one staff representative from each of the Departments of Public Works and Parks & Recreation.

Appointed by 

City Council


Committee first appointment: one one-year, two two-year, one three-year. Appointments thereafter will be three years, with terms expiring December 31.


Duties: include developing by-laws and procedures for the Iowa City Public Art Program; administering the Public Art Program by determining the placement of public art; the type of art to be used in a specific project, and the artist to be engaged; overseeing the acceptance of gifts of art; overseeing the maintenance and disposition of public art; overseeing expenditures of the Public Art Program budget; overseeing the Poetry in the Public Program.

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