The council authorized the creation of a Climate Action Steering Committee to oversee the development of its Climate Action and Adaption Plan. 

The Steering Committee consists of members from identified representatives in the community, five at-large members and a student representative as well as three alternates, which were selected according to the expertise, knowledge and representation of the applicant.


09/10/2018 Agenda

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Staff Contact 

Brenda Nations 


Community Stakeholder Representatives

University of Iowa
Ingrid Anderson, Environmental Compliance Specialist
Greater Iowa City Home Builders Association 
GT Karr, 2nd Vice President 
Procter & Gamble Oral Care 
Katie Sarsfield, Site Engineering Leader
MidAmerican Energy Company
Jesse Leckband, Sr. Environmental Analyst
Kirkwood Community College
Liz Maas, Assistant Professor of Biology and Environmental Science
Iowa City Area Chamber of Commerce
Ryan Sempf, Director Goverment Relations and Public Policy 
Certified Architect
Matt Krieger, Neumann-Monson Architects

At-large Representatives

John Fraser
Management Consultant
Charlie Stanier
Associate Professor, Engineering, U of I Engineering
Martha Norbeck
Eric Tate
Assistant Professor, U of I Dept. of Geographical & Sustainability Sciences
Anne Russett
City Planner, City of Cedar Rapids

Student Representative

Eden DeWald
University of Iowa Student


Clarity Guerra
Ferman Milster
Karen Kubby

Appointed by 

City Council


one year 


Actively participate in the development of a consensus-based Climate Action and Adaptation Plan for the Iowa City community which will identify priority actions to be taken reach the City’s greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals.
Work on behalf of the community to identify programs and projects to reduce emissions that are practical and achievable.
Educating and promoting these issues to the public and other interest groups to solicit their input and get feedback on them.