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When deemed necessary


4/28/21 agenda

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Staff contact 

Karen Jennings

Board Members

Term: 04/03/18 - 04/04/22, Ann Rhodes

Term: 04/07/20 - 04/01/24, Richard Wyss

Term: 04/06/21 - 04/07/25, Melissa Jensen

Stefanie Bowers, Human Rights Coordinator (ex officio)   


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Number of members 

Three who must be citizens of Iowa and residents of the City of Iowa City preceding their appointment.

Appointed by 

City Council


Four years. Terms expire on the first Monday in April.


Approve all entrance and promotional examinations used by the City of Iowa City for civil service positions; holds appeal hearings involving the suspension, demotion, or discharge of employees holding civil service rights. Ascertains to the best of its ability the facts of the case to determine matters involving the rights of civil service employees and may affirm, modify, or reverse any case on its merits per Chapter 400 of the Code of Iowa.

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