Serving on a board, commission or committee

As a member of one of the City's boards, commissions or committees, you will focus upon community needs that require your understanding, dedication, vision, enthusiasm and experience. Your appointment to a position signifies the City Council's desire to have the benefit of your input during the decision-making process. While Council has the ultimate political and legal responsibility for the conduct of local government and the welfare of the entire community, you have an important role in assisting them.

Participation on a board, commission or committee provides an opportunity to develop firsthand knowledge of the operating policies and issues of a municipal government. It must be known that not all of the recommendations made by the boards, commissions or committees will be accepted. Elected officials must weigh all advice, information and considerations as they reach the decisions for which they are responsible.


Applicants can apply online or print and return applications to the City Clerk’s Office, 410 E. Washington St., Iowa City, Iowa. 

Eligibility requirements

 Applicants MUST reside in Iowa City and be 18 years of age unless specific qualifications are stated. Please review details of the vacancy announcement for specific requirements.

The City of Iowa City encourages diversity in the appointment to boards and commission.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I apply for more than one board, commission or committee?

It has been Council policy not to permit an individual to serve on two boards, commissions or committees at the same time.

Can I be re-appointed to a board and commission?

It is hereby established, as a formal policy of the City Council of Iowa City, that each application for reappointment to a City Board or Commission will be considered without regard to incumbency.

If reappointed, an individual would be limited to one reappointment to a full term in order to increase the opportunities for new applicants to serve.

How do I know if I was appointed?

You will receive a letter from the Mayor indicating whether or not you were appointed. You may also be contacted by the staff liaison for the board, commission or committee.

What happens if I'm not appointed?

Your application is kept on file in the City Clerk's Office for one year (12 months). If you are not interested in a future vacancy, you need to contact the City Clerk to be removed from the applicant pool. Do not be discouraged if you are not selected to serve on a board, commission or committee at this time.

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